Charity's Birthday Balloons Found All Over South East England

Katherine Low Settlement released 90 balloons to celebrate their 90th birthday

Battersea charity Katherine LowSettlement celebrated their 90th Birthday with a lively Street Party for several hundred people from the local community on 17th May. As part of their celebration a balloon race was organised and 90 red balloons were released by local children and families.

Entrees wrote their name on a tag, released the balloon and the competition was to see how far the balloons would get. The Mayor of Wandsworth, Cllr Angela Graham, released a balloon and hers was found in South Norwood. Twelve balloons were found in total and the winner was… Lea B whose balloon travelled 31.3 miles all the way to Sevenoaks in Kent.

Here are some of the messages sent by people who found balloons all over South East England:

19.8 miles – “Just to say we found your balloon in our field this week… sounds like it travelled a long way. We too are celebrating a 90th birthday this weekend, my mother’s. Our balloons will be tied down!”

26.4 miles – “Dear All, it was so nice to find your card. I was at my allotment in my village of Halstead, I hope you all enjoyed the celebrations. Best wishes to you all.”

25.1 miles – “Just found the remains of a KLS 90TH birthday balloon on the golf course at Broke Hill in Kent!”

Aaron Barbour, Director of Katherine Low Settlement, said: “What a great way to celebrate a 90th birthday party with a balloon race. It’s amazing that the balloons got so far and people sent them back with such warm messages of support and birthday wishes.”

"I’m full of admiration for the work of the Katherine Low Settlement, and this was a really fun way to celebrate their 90th years of helping local people.”

Katherine Low Settlement (KLS) is a multi-purpose charity that has been serving the communities of Wandsworth since 1924. They are dedicated to tackling poverty and building stronger communities.

They run a range of their own community projects to support children and their families, older people, newly-arrived communities and, in the future, unemployed people. They also invite other charities and community groups to operate out of their premises – so together they can meet the diverse needs of the local communities of Wandsworth. KLS work with 34 charities and groups supporting more than 500 people each week.

June 10, 2014