Residents Fear Battersea Turning into Hong Kong or Shanghai

Another tower block plan approved this time 16 storeys high

Visualisations of the new tower block to be built in Battersea

December 21, 2021

Plans for a 16-storey block of flats in Battersea have been approved even after locals raised fears their town could look like Hong Kong.

Vision Develop will build the tower block on Yelverton Road which will include offices and creative space, as well as more than 70 flats, but locals are furious at plans.

In planning documents, local Olga Strauchold said, “Not another high rise in the neighbourhood!

“I live in the low rise on Wye Street and yet another high rise building will make it even more claustrophobic and secluded than it already is.

“Don’t turn Battersea into another Hong Kong or Shanghai with all these towers, preserve its charm and beauty!”

Michael Ibsen, another local, said, “I live in a flat in the group of old Victorian buildings on the corner of York Road and Yelverton Road, right next to the proposed development.

“If the development is given the go ahead and the real digging and pile driving starts I am extremely concerned that serious damage will be done to me and adjoining old properties.”

Stephen Mitchell said, “Proposed building is too high and will completely obscure the skyline and light to surrounding properties.”

The Battersea Society also object to plans on the grounds of the design and height, lack of public transport capacity, as well as too many of the flats being one bedroom.

Developers say there will be 41 affordable homes with a mixture of one, two and three-bed flats.

There will be a communal garden, six parking spaces, bicycle docks at the basement level, a disabled car parking space on Yelverton Road and visitor cycle spaces on York Road.

Plans were approved unanimously by councillors in Wandsworth Council’s planning committee on 16 December.

Vision Develop was previously contacted for comment.

The developer said in planning documents, “The proposal represents a significant investment on to the site, and therefore into Wandsworth.

“The creation of a new office space will improve the balance of office accommodation in this area of the borough and will provide new employment opportunities and economic benefits.

“Furthermore, the introduction of housing to the site, with the maximum viable proportion of affordable units, will assist social inclusion and economic vitality, again by bringing a diverse range of new inhabitants to the area.”

James Mayer - Local Democracy reporter