Service To Remember War Heroes

In honour of former pupils of the old Wandsworth School

Relatives of former pupils of the old Wandsworth School who were killed in the Great War and World War II are invited to a memorial service.

The Old Wandsworthians Memorial Trust launched a campaign last year to replace the original memorial plaques that were lost when the school was demolished in the 1990s.

It asked relatives, friends and neighbours to provide information on former pupils who lost their lives in either world war, and received enough details back to enable a new plaque to be created to remember the fallen.

The trust has strong links with St Cecilia’s Church of England School, Wandsworth which stands on the site of the old School in Southfields, and the headmaster of St Cecilia’s has agreed to the trust erecting the new plaque inside the school building.

On July 8 a memorial service will be held to remember the 149 former pupils of the old school who lost their lives.

The names of the fallen can be seen on the trust’s website. If you know any of these men and would like to go to the service, email Les Herbert at, or write to him at OWMT- Service, PO Box 9059, Lyme Regis, DT6 9EG

The council has a four-year programme of commemorating the First World War, including the official unveiling of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission interpretation board, the inauguration of the Victoria Cross/George Cross Memorial Garden at Wandsworth Town Hall, a dedicated twitter feed and blog and The St Anne's Church Memorial Project.

The borough’s Heritage Service is also urging people to donate photographs, newspaper cuttings or other documents relating to the First World War. Email

For more details about upcoming events, visit

May 1, 2015