Prison For Personal Trainer Who Set Up His Client

Namdi Osuji arranged for robbery of woman he was training

Herbert Namdi Osuji, aged 39, of Wandsworth was yesterday sentenced at Kingston Crown Court to 12 years in prison. He pleaded to one count of conspiracy to commit robbery and one count of theft.

Osuji had initially pleaded not guilty, but changed his plea to guilty on day seven of his trial.

Osuji, who had been using his middle name Namdi, was acting as a personal fitness trainer to a 36-year-old woman. On his recommendation she had ordered a pair of trainers and had told Ousji she was expecting them to be delivered.

On 20th July 2013 she was at her home in Battersea, when at about 6pm she became aware of someone at her front-door and, expecting delivery of the trainers, she opened it.

However, she was confronted by two men; one of them grabbed her by her throat and pushed her against the hall wall. They told her they would kill her if she screamed, and one said: "I know all about you." They demanded money, she was struck her across the side of her face and they began to search her home.

The suspects threatened the victim saying that if she did not give them money they would throw acid on her. She was picked her up by her hair and forced into a wardrobe which they then locked.

From inside the wardrobe she could hear the men moving around her flat. When she could no longer hear them, she tried to open the wardrobe door and eventually managed to get it open. Thankfully the victim suffered only minor injuries, but found that watches, jewellery and cash had been taken to a value of over £45,000.

Osuji with the two suspects

Police were called and began an investigation, while the victim told Osuji about the robbery and during a visit to her home, on the 30th July 2013, Osuji offered his support and reassurance to her. During the course of the visit she offered to pay him for a previous personal training session. She paid him out of a box where she had hidden $5,000.

After Osuji left the flat, the victim noticed that the box containing the dollars was slightly open, and the money was gone. Suspicion fell on Osuji, who was indentified by DNA left on a toothbrush he had been given to use earlier. Police discovered that Osuji was currently on licence from prison for an earlier robbery.

Meanwhile, police had discovered CCTV of the two robbery suspects immediately prior to the crime on 20th July 2013. This showed them together with a third suspect, who was identified as Osuji. Police traced and arrested Osuji. In the course of the arrest he was asked for his phone, but he refused, broke his phone open and swallowed the SIM card.

Osuji was interviewed and denied involvement in the offences. However, on 5th September 2013 he was charged with conspiracy to rob and theft of the cash.

Detective Constable Ailsa Jardine, of Wandsworth CID, said: "The sentence imposed on Osuji is merited by the horrible robbery he helped organise, his long criminal history and the gross betrayal of trust. I want the public to know we will continue to pursue the two men who carried out this violent and vile robbery. These men terrorised a lone woman in her own home and I would appeal to the public to help bring these men to justice."

Despite extensive enquires, police have been unable to find the two men who forced their way into the victim's home and officers are asking for the public's help to find them. It is thought the two men may have links to the Barnet area of London.

The men are described as:

A light-skinned black man with wide-set brown eyes, 21-23 years old, 5ft 9ins tall and of slim build.
The second suspect is a dark-skinned black man, 22-23 years old, 5ft 6ins tall and of medium build.

Both men spoke with a London accent.

Anyone with information should contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 and quote crime reference number 0315416/13.

May 28, 2014