Pizza Deliveryman Murder Convictions Up For Appeal

Lithuanian Vytautas Jelinskas was severely beaten for his takings

On August 24th 2001 Barry Hillman and Paul Gowans were convicted of the murder of pizza delivery driver Vytautas Jelinskas. After receiving information from the Attorney General's Office regarding a procedural error, these murder convictions have now been referred to the Court of Appeal.

A court at the Old Bailey heard last week that 44 year old Lithuanian Vytautas Jelinskas was attacked, allegedly by Hillman and Gowans, for his takings after delivering pizza to a flat in Wandworth on January 29th 2000. Mr Jelinkas has just started work for Pizza Palace in Wandsworth, when he was kicked and punched before the alleged robbers fled.

Mr Jelinskas was given emergency surgery following the attack and remained on life support until he died on August 19th.

Barry Hillman, now 35, and Paul Gowans, now 44, both denied murder in the original court case, but admitted robbery.

December 7, 2015