Council Steps Up Efforts To Tackle Plastic Pollution

With commitment to reduce plastic use in its buildings and throughout the borough

Wandsworth Council is stepping up its efforts to reduce plastic pollution by investigating plastic use across all its buildings with a view of phasing out all unnecessary usage.

Council Leader Ravi Govindia says, “Local authorities must take a stance on this issue and I want Wandsworth to be leading the way in London in tackling plastic pollution.

Image: Belvedere Incinerator by Pterre 

“We are committed to reducing the use of plastics, which as we know have a devastating effect on the environment and our wildlife.

“Around eight million tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans every year and it’s an obvious step to see what we can do as a council to play our part in getting rid of plastics from all the buildings we own and manage.”

The Council will also be working with local schools, community groups, local businesses and its waste management partners with the aim of seeing a reduction in the use of plastic across the borough as a whole.

Councillor Govindia adds, “As part of our review we also want to encourage our staff to be responsible in their use of plastics too.

“Just doing something as simple as switching from a disposable plastic bottle to one that is reusable can make a big difference. It’s about getting people to change their behaviours – we can all do our bit to help.”

People can also be assured that none of the plastic collected through Wandsworth’s waste and recycling collection services will ever find its way into the ocean.

The council offers a recycling service for plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays. These should be washed and/or rinsed before being placed in recycling sacks or banks.

All plastic that finds its way into general household waste is taken by barge to an energy-from-waste incinerator at Belvedere in Bexley, where it helps generate enough electricity to power about 100,000 homes in London.

The Council also has drinking water fountains in Battersea Park and also on Tooting Common, which was refurbished and renovated and brought back into public use as part of the ongoing Tooting Common Heritage Project.

Clean plastic packaging films bearing the “Recycle with carrier bags at larger stores” logo can be recycled at most supermarkets.

For more information about the borough’s recycling services visit

January 25, 2018