Police Seaching River At Wandsworth Bridge

For Wandsworth Prison Murder Weapon

Officers are still searching for the gun used to shoot a man outside Wandsworth Prison in May 2001, after receiving information that the gun had been thrown into The Thames following the shooting.
Darcy Austin-Bruce, 20, was from Fulham and was killed after visiting an inmate.
A man wearing a crash helmet is believed to have approached Austin-Bruce in the prison yard and fired a volley of shots with a handgun. The gunman ran back to a waiting scooter driven by a second man and the pair got away.
Darcy Austin-Bruce died from gunshot wounds at the scene.

Last week’s initial three-day search of The Thames river bed  has been extended after difficulty moving a barge on the Wandsworth side of the bank.
Three men from Fulham have all been charged with murder, and will face trial later this year.
March 15th, 2011