Community Art Project Bears Fruit In Southfields

Local stitchers have created textile banners for the Southfields Harvest

Four textile banners celebrating the annual Southfields Harvest festival and the creativity of local residents will hang in Southfields Library from September 15th.

Stitched by members of the community, young and old, work on the banners began at last year's Southfields Harvest when visitors were invited to pick up needle, thread and assorted scraps of fabric to illustrate the elements that sum up the festival - Meeting, Eating, Making and Sharing.

An enthusiastic band of stitchers met several times during the year to complete the banners in time for Southfields Harvest 2018. The project was conceived by Southfields author, illustrator and artist Jane Porter who said, “It’s been a treat working with so many local people on this project, and bringing together such a diversity of ideas and talents. The finished banners truly reflect the work of many hands, and are a celebration of community.”

Festival founders Jennie Allen and Elizabeth Lloyd-Owen added, "It is very exciting to have a work of art that is a permanent reminder of what Southfields Harvest is all about and in time for its 5th birthday.

“When we first launched this festival five years ago, we hoped to encourage local people to take an afternoon out of their busy schedules and come and enjoy some quality time with their friends and neighbours. Over a pint of craft beer or a home-made cake they can chat, find out what’s going on locally, listen to music, be creative or just relax. It’s great to watch people working with Jane, absorbed in developing a unique work of art.”

Southfields Harvest 2018 will take place on Saturday 29 September at St Barnabas Church and halls, Lavenham Road SW18 5EP. The banners will be at Southfields Library, 300 Wimbledon Park Road SW19 6NL until the end of the month and then will be on display on the day at Southfields Harvest 2018. Jane Porter will be running another art project for all ages at this year’s event.




September 14, 2018