Southfields Artist Wins Wandsworth Artists' Open House Competition

Elzbieta Smolenska displayed travel photography, prints and jewellery

Southfields artist Elzbieta Smolenska has been voted 2017's favourite Artists' Open House by locals.

Elzbieta’s display of travel photography, prints and jewellery was a winner with the public who said it was ‘a delightful selection of work and discussion’, ‘inspirational’ and a ‘fascinating collection of work’.

This year she presented photographs from Nepal and Laos.

One of Elzbieta's photos.
Copyright: Elzbieta Smolenska

The Nepalese collection consisted of two series of photographs: portraits of sadhus (holy men); and intricate details of the interiors of Kathmandu temples. The artefacts brought from Nepal complemented the atmosphere captured in the photographs. Her home gallery evoked some of the ambience of a temple with garlands of prayer flags and beautifully painted Thangkas and bronze bells. There was also a chance to see Himalayan ethnic jewellery and a collection of printing blocks used for textiles and prayer flags.

Among the photographs taken in Laos were images of elegant wooden sculptures of Buddhas from Luang Prabang temples and portraits of hill tribes. Exquisite fabrics, dresses and Hmong tribal jewellery - broaches, head adornments and necklaces - were all an integral part of the exhibition.

Elżbieta Smoleńska also prsented a series of her own collage work and screen prints inspired by Nepalese art.

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January 5, 2018

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