Can You Help Fight Malaria?

Not a common problem in Wandsworth however one resident is determined to fight it

Wandsworth resident Rebecca Bands has decided to take on the fight against Malaria by asking for sponsorship that costs the giver less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

Rebecca told WandsworthSW18: "
I consider myself lucky - as many of my neighbours probably do - so decided it was time to try and give something back to those less fortunate. I have set myself a challenge to try and get 1000 people to give a net before World Malaria Day on the 25th April. 1 Million people die from Malaria each year, most of them are children under 5. Malaria is totally preventable and the simplest solution is sleeping under a net - which costs just £2.02 to buy."

She continued: " As well as raising funds and increasing awareness, I hope to inspire others to take on similar challenges and prove that 1 person really can make a difference. I don't know 1000 people which is why I am asking the community to give a net. A simple donation of £2.02, less than a cup of coffee, will protect and potentially save a life. It's such a simple yet powerful thing to do which is why I have launched this campaign."

So if you woudl like to help Rebecca please donate here

April 3, 2015