Teens Arrested On Suspicion Of Wandsworth Train and Station Robberies

iPhones and laptops were stolen

British Transport Police officers arrested two teenagers last week in connection with a series of phone and laptop thefts.

Officers swooped in dawn raids in West Croydon and Crystal Palace to arrest the two youths, both aged 17, for conspiracy to rob at stations and on trains in Wandsworth.
The teenagers were arrested on suspicion of committing four robberies and thirteen thefts - mainly iPhones and laptops - on trains, trams and at stations in Wandsworth and Croydon between 20th February and 2th7 March 2011.
The youths were taken into custody for further questioning, where they currently remain.
Meanwhile British Transport Police offer the following tips to help protect yourself and your possessions:
  • Carry wallets, mobiles and other small valuables in a secure inside pocket
  • Keep your mobile out of sight when not in use and set it to vibrate to avoid attracting attention. When using your mobile in public always be aware of your surroundings
  • Make a note of your mobile’s unique IMEI number. To access it type *#06# into your mobile and note the number. This will assist your service provider in blocking its use should your phone be lost or stolen.
  • Carry your handbag in a secure position in front of your body. Keep all fasteners closed and ensure they are facing towards your body.
  • When on stations look for CCTV cameras and try to stay within view
  • Register all your electronic equipment at www.immobilise.com

April 3rd, 2011