Sainsbury's Wandsworth Trials 'Vegetable Butcher'

A food artist and veg expert showed customers how to prep and cook with flair

Food artist Amber Locke joined the Garratt Lane Sainsbury's last week to encourage people to get creative with their veg.

A vegetable expert, her goal is to demonstrate to consumers that veg can be prepared and enjoyed in many different ways and seamlessly incorporated into daily diets.

As well as teaching shoppers about “root to tip” cooking, to maximise the flavour potential of their food and minimise waste, Amber used her trial counter in the store to give masterclasses in preparation transforming customers' veg with ribbon cuts, spiralising, mandolin chops, wave-cuts and julienne.

Not to be confused with vegetarian butchers – who serve plant-based alternatives to meat - a vegetable butcher is all about showing off the raw material of the veg aisle.

“I am passionate about inspiring people to eat more vegetables and showing them just how many ways there are to prepare and enjoy classic produce such as a carrot or pepper, so this is the perfect role for me,” Amber. “Hopefully food fans will have been tempted to go home and try one of the new techniques for themselves this summer.”

June 20, 2016