Local Waitrose Stores To Remove Takeaway Drinks Cups

Autumn will see the disposable free coffee cups taken away from stores

Waitrose has announced that in an attempt to reduce plastic waste they will be removing all takeaway cups from their 'MyWaitrose' coffee/tea stalls.

Waitrose Cup

"We have committed to removing all takeaway disposable coffee cups from our shops by autumn 2018," says a spokesperson. "MyWaitrose members will continue to have the option to enjoy a free tea or coffee from the shops' self-serve machine as a thank you for shopping with us. But in the coming weeks we will be asking customers to bring in their own reusable cup, rather than being offered a disposable coffee cup when they go through the checkout."

Waitrose believes that this will save 52 million cups every year. A spokesman for Waitrose Putney said that shoppers are welcome to use their own cups immediately if they wish to start before the autumn.

A huge campaign against using plastic packaging has been underway since the screening of the BBC's Blue Planet programme which showed the damage that plastic has been doing to the environment. Since then many shops and supermarkets have pledged to look at ways of selling food and fruits in biodegradable ways.

Justine GreeningIn March, local MP Justine Greening launched the local Wandsworth 'Plastic Pledge' saying, "I’m asking people, shops and businesses and schools to make the Plastic Pledge - it just means you’ve committed to trying to reduce your own home or organisation’s plastic usage and are taking some steps towards doing that. Basically, it’s about getting us all moving in the same direction. Even doing a little bit better in all of our homes, workplaces and shops could add up to a big difference. If you’re a resident, design your own logo and put a sign in the window to say you’re on board! Or if you’re an employer, do the same, but let me know if you’re making the Plastic Pledge and I’ll add you to my list of local employers who are signed up."

April 19, 2018