Tories Retain Control of Wandsworth

Labour gain six seats overall including a gain in Earlsfield

The Conservatives have retained control of the London Borough of Wandsworth, winning 41 of the 60 seats contested.

Labour's 19 seats was a net gain of 6 including a win in Earlsfield. Labour held every gain they made in the 2010 elections.

Other gains were made by Labour in Queenstown Road, Bedford and Roehampton and Putney Heath wards. The improvement in their vote was mirrored across London where the party won control of neighbouring Councils, Merton and Hammersmith & Fulham.

The overall turnout in Wandsworth looks likely to be lower than 2010's 63 per cent.

The borough was the first to report their result in London with other areas opting not to hold the count overnight.


Results in Local Wards

Earlsfield Ward - Labour gain 1 seat
Candidate Party Votes
KNOWLES, Adrian Carey Conservative 2164
LESCOTT, Charles Andrew Conservative 2089
STOKES, Rachael Elizabeth Labour 1877
All the Above Elected
MAZUMDAR, Sarbani Conservative 1817
ROBERTS, Colin Edward Labour 1809
WHITE, Paul John Labour 1672
BUTLER, Ciaran John Green Party 713
HARMSEN, John UK Independence Party (UKIP) 361
DAY, Ashley Craig Liberal Democrats 348
BAILEY, Oliver Alexander Liberal Democrats 329
Electorate: 12,541 Ballot Papers Issued: 4,808 Turnout: 38%


Wandsworth Common Ward- Conservatives Hold
Candidate Party Votes
CLAY, Claire Elizabeth Conservative 2598
HEASTER, Maurice Adrian Sylvester Conservative 2396
TRACEY, Katharine Rosalie Conservative 2313
All the Above Elected
MURDAY, Sophia Juliet Labour 916
METCALF, Richard John Labour 903
CUNNINGHAM, Kieran Philip Labour 875
SCHWARZ, Michael Robert Green Party 574
JOHN-RICHARDS, Susan Liberal Democrats 404
PASLEY-TYLER, Robert UK Independence Party (UKIP) 327
Electorate: 10,658 Ballot Papers Issued: 4173 Turnout: 39.2%


Fairfield Ward - Conservatives Hold
Candidate Party Votes
MCCAUSLAND, Piers Conolly Conservative 1924
SWEET, William Henry Etienne Conservative 1801
THOM, James Stuart Conservative 1752
All the Above Elected
CRESSWELL, Liane Barber Labour 1021
SHARP, Caroline Helen Labour 958
PONSONBY, Frederick Matthew Thomas Labour 925
WATERMAN, Antony John David Green Party 598
WARREN, Patrick Martin Liberal Democrats 374
SCAPING, Paul Howard Liberal Democrats 325
JOHNSTONE, Jacqueline UK Independence Party (UKIP) 271
MCLEAN, Seymour Anthony Independent 171
Electorate: 11,364Ballot Papers Issued: 3617 Turnout: 31.83%


Southfields Ward - Conservative Hold
Candidate Party Votes
CADDY, Kim Conservative 2302
HUMPHRIES, Guy Derek Ralph Conservative 2291
WALSH, Terence Michael Conservative 2172
All the above elected as Councillors
TATTUM, Ian Stuart Labour 1394
BOOKER, Maureen Dorothy Labour 1328
MARTIN, Elizabeth Labour 1252
RICHMAN, Robert James Independent 1106
HUNTER, Connie Anne Green Party 773
GRIFFIN-BEALE, Lucy Jane Liberal Democrats 460
AHMED, Anna Maria Louise Liberal Democrats 443
BROWN, Hugh Palmer Liberal Democrats 300
Electorate: 12,752 Ballot Papers Issued: 5,057 Turnout: 39.66%

The European Parliamentary election results will be available from 10pm this Sunday.

May 23, 2014