Julian Assange To Stay In Wandsworth Prison

WikiLeaks founder returns to jail after yesterday's hearing

The man behind the whistle-blowing website, WikiLeaks, is to remain in Wandsworth Prison until a higher court hearing, despite being granted bail in Westminster yesterday.
The judge initially granted the 39-year-old Australian bail with strict conditions attached, but when lawyers representing the Swedish authorities who want to question Assange challenged the decision, Assange was sent back to Wandsworth until his next hearing. That appeal should be heard later this week.
Assange was arrested in the UK last week and is wanted for questioning by Swedish authorities in a rape investigation.
Assange’s lawyer claims his client is innocent of rape and that the accusations are part of a political smear campaign.
The WikiLeaks website seeks to expose the secrets of governments and companies, and has most recently been accused by the American government of illegally posting sensitive diplomatic files. Julian Assange is the Editor-in-Chief and spokesperson of WikiLeaks.
December 15, 2010