London's First Outdoor Trapeze School Comes To Wandsworth

Gorilla Circus opens in Battersea Park

If you are looking for a new way to get beach ready, looking to learn a new skill or simply wanting a bird's eye view of London, the Gorilla Circus is ready to teach you all the techniques you need. Gorilla Circus trapeze artists are highly skilled and offer an adrenaline filled, fully comprehensive lesson in the art of trapeze.

Gorilla Circus is located in Regents Park until 2nd September and Battersea Park from 13th August until 10th September. They are also currently offering sessions and courses at Camden´s legendary Roundhouse, infamous for continually pushing boundaries in music and the performing arts.

Young entrepreneur Ezra Trigg launched Gorilla Circus in 2009, with the aspiration of making flying trapeze classes accessible to members of the public. Already a firm favorite amongst celebrities such as Sadie Frost, London’s first outdoor trapeze school is bringing its full-size flying trapeze rig back to the capital this summer, offering locals and visitors the chance to try an adrenaline filled activity and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city.

Trapeze offers a unique and exciting experience for anyone aged 8 to 78, whilst practicingbalance and co-ordination skills. Trapeze also builds upper body strength and is an excellent form of exercise.

Specialising in Grand Volant Flying Trapeze, Gorilla Circus is London’s only outdoor trapeze school. Offering a two-hour drop in class, presenting customers the opportunity to practice a simple trick, or longer lessons and four-week courses enabling you to improve skills and progress to an intermediate level, packages will be tailored to your specific needs.

May 15, 2012