Interactive Exhibition At Battersea Pump House

Innovative non-digital photography from February 6th-April 7th

Visitors to the Pump House Gallery's 'D Eye Y' photography exhibition will discover tiny pictures produced by a camera made from a monkey nut shell, a pop-up dark room for developing their own pictures and a home-made photo booth.

The innovative exhibition, which features interactive elements, has been created by artists' group BBKP - made up of Nathan Birchenough, Nicholas Brown, Craig Kao and Savvas Papasavva.

It will run at the Pump House Gallery, in Battersea Park , from February 6 until April 7, 2013.

Focusing on non-digital photography, the four artists have hosted workshops for local residents in and around Battersea Park in order to give members of the public a chance to contribute to the final exhibition.

They held pinhole photography workshops, where participants got to grips with assembling their own pinhole cameras, loading photographic paper, creating a series of photographs and developing the images.

BBKP also invited people to have their portrait taken with the world's smallest non-digital camera, made from a monkey nut shell - and gave them the chance to build one themselves and learn how to develop photographic paper.

More recently, the group has been gathering a collection of camera cases photographed to resemble animals. As part of this they have made an open call to receive pictures of camera cases as animals. The work in-progress can be seen at

The D Eye Y exhibition will feature much of the work created so far by the group and members of the public.

Photographs taken throughout the project will be presented alongside cameras made from unusual objects, as well as vintage broken cameras that have been converted to produce unusual effects in the images.

There will also be a mobile pop-up dark room for developing pictures and a functioning photo booth, created and built by the group, to allow participants to take an image of themselves in the gallery space.

For more information about accompanying workshops and family events and the exhibition itself visit the Pump House Gallery website

January 8, 2013