Cameron And Clegg Visit Wandsworth Ahead of Budget

Announcing tax savings on childcare at Wandsworth Nursery

David Cameron and Nick Clegg, a borough resident, yesterday visited Wandsworth Day Nursery on Wandsworth Common Northside, SW18, to make their savings pledge to working parents.

cameron and clegg in wandsworth

The Prime Minister announced that the scheme, which is worth up to £1,200 per child, would apply to families where both parents work and earn under £150,000, as well as single working parents.

The Coalition's new scheme will particularly help large families and is designed to be less generous to higher-rate tax payers than the existing scheme, although is being criticised for excluding families where one parent works and the other looks after the children.

The birth rate in Wandsworth has risen rapidly, from 4,359 to 5,477 in eight years, and looks set to continue its trend,

Mr Clegg and Mr Cameron, both fathers of young children, are also reported to have toured the nursery and played ball with the children.

March 20, 2013