Local Paedophile Viciously Hacked to Death

But four years on, his killer is still not caught

A convicted local paedophile who was hacked to death in a vicious assault had been 'entertaining' young girls in his caravan the night before he was murdered in December 2008, an inquest heard today.

52 year old Andrew Cunningham was found naked and soaked in blood in his caravan parked in Riverside Road, Earlsfield after being stabbed and having his genitals mutilated.

Today's inquest into his death at Westminster Coroner's Court ruled that he was unlawfully killed. However his murderer has never been found and the police investigation is ongoing.

Cunningham served four months in jail in 2000 for having sex with a 15-year-old girl and was on the Sex Offenders' Register until March 2008.

The court heard that Cunningham was with three teenage girls the day before his death, although no allegations of assault were made.

Detective Inspector Alison Hepworth, who lead the investigation, said: 'We know he had girls in his caravan. Three girls were present on the Monday of that week, the 8th December, at about 4.30pm.

Cunningham worked as a truck driver for a local haulage company and also lived in his caravan on the site in Wandsworth.

On December 10, 2008, his boss, Rodney Artiss, noticed that he had not opened up the yard as usual and went to his caravan to find him.

DI Alison Hepworth said: "He found the caravan door open which was unusual, it normally would be locked and he wouldn’t let anyone he didn’t know in.

"He went in and saw Mr Cunningham lying on his bed on his right hand side and there was blood all around him."

DI Hepworth told the court that the police had interviewed more than 800 people and offered a £20,000 reward but no-one had been caught.

November 9, 2012