Next Step For Clapham Junction Street Improvements

Multi-million pound project progresses

Work is now underway on the latest stage of the multi-million pound street improvement project in Clapham Junction town centre.

This phase will see St John's Road enhanced with light granite paving slabs, improved lighting, new street furniture and the road will be resurfaced.

The aim is to create a brighter, more attractive and pedestrian friendly town centre where businesses can thrive.

The work will be completed in sections to minimise disruption and is expected to last until around march next year.

Particular effort is being made to reduce the inconvenience caused to local people, businesses, shoppers, drivers and commuters.

Pedestrians and cyclists are being asked to take extra care when passing through St John's Road while the works are on-going.

Earlier stages of the street improvement project have seen the town centre's pavements widened and relayed with a light granite slab and a diagonal pedestrian crossing introduced at the junction of St John's Hill and Lavender Hill.

This busy crossroad has also been redesigned to improve traffic flow, increase cycle safety and allow pedestrians to cross in one go, without stopping on islands.

Unnecessary guardrails and other 'street clutter' have also been removed from pavements to make life easier for people travelling through the town centre on foot.

The council's street improvement scheme is backed by Transport for London and the Clapham Junction Town Centre Partnership. It is funded through a ring fenced transport grant.

May 8, 2013