Van Drivers Caught In Flytip Op

Professional flytippers caught in the act on Trinity Road

Four van drivers have been given on-the-spot fines in the latest council and police operation to tackle professional flytippers. The two day operation was aimed at catching van and lorry drivers who illegally transport waste materials. This is often dumped in the street leaving taxpayers with the clean up bill.
In this latest operation, staff in the council's waste enforcement team were joined by officers from the Met Police's transport hub team in stopping suspect vehicles in Trinity Road, SW18. They were joined by court-appointed bailiffs in a bid to track down drivers who have failed to pay parking tickets and court fines.
Over the course of the two days, 271 vans and lorries were stopped so that the driver's credentials could be checked. Four drivers were given £300 on-the-spot fines for not having a licence to carry waste, while the bailiffs were able to recover an additional £5,300 worth of unpaid fines for the public purse.
Strict environmental protection laws prohibit the transport of waste by unregistered and unlicenced contractors. This is to ensure that the waste is lawfully disposed of rather then being simply dumped on a street corner.
Environment spokesman Cllr Sarah McDermott repeated the council’s long-standing advice to members of the public that they need to be careful about who they employ to take away waste. "Some of the biggest culprits we come across when it comes to rubbish being flytipped are van drivers on the lookout for homes that are being renovated, having building work done or are having a big clear-out.
“They see that the owners have a lot of waste that needs removing and will knock at the door and offer a cheap deal to take it away.
"Unfortunately it is the case that large numbers of these drivers have no intention of disposing of this waste lawfully and instead they simply drive around the corner and dump it. That is why we urge people not to employ these fly-by-night clearance firms.

Residents employing a waste removal firm should always ask to see the relevant waste transfer notes to ensure it is being disposed of lawfully and they should also ask to see a waste carrier's licence.
Companies that offer to transport and remove waste on behalf of others must have a carrier’s licence. These can be obtained from the Environment Agency and they last for three years.
Companies working in this industry must also retain two year's worth of documents showing where the waste came from and where it was taken to be disposed of. Failure to comply with these regulations can lead to hefty fines and even prison sentences.
Residents wanting rubbish cleared can contact the council on (020) 8871 8558. If households choose a licenced private contractor instead, they must make sure they get a proper receipt.

Anyone with information about cowboy operators dumping rubbish should telephone the council's street care team on (020) 8871 6396. All calls will be treated in confidence.

December 3rd, 2010