Garratt Lane Is One Of Worst Roads For Parking Tickets

Getting into London's top ten most ticketed streets

Last year more than 5000 parking tickets were issued in Garratt Lane SW18, resulting in more than £700 a day in fines equating to nearly £270,000 being collected in the last year.

Topping the poll of the most ticketed road in London was Chiswick High Road which claims the 'honour' of UK's Top Spot For Parking Fines. Hounslow Council made £634,704 from more than 13,000 tickets issued in Chiswick High Road in 2012-2013.

Other boroughs featuring in the top ten from the Institute For Advanced Motorists were Ealing in fourth place and Westminster at number six, with Wandsworth placed in ninth position.

July 26, 2013