Record-Breaking Boat Finds Summer Berth At Power Station

Ben Fogle and James Cracknell made their 2006 Atlantic crossing in the vessel

Battersea Power Station Development Company will be the new summer home for the boat that James Cracknell and Ben Fogle used to make their Atlantic crossing in 2006.

Wandsworth MP Jane Ellison was approached by local residents and boatsmen, Will North and Dan Howie, who needed somewhere to store it over the summer.

Will and Dan will be using a new boat in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge 2013, rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic and raising money for Cancer Research UK, Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research and St Anna’s, a home and school for children in Ghana. The Cracknell/Fogle boat is helping them with their fundraising efforts.

Jane said: “I approached Sarah Banham at Battersea Power Station developers to see whether they could provide Will and Dan with storage space. It’s great that she welcomed the idea and the developer will be showcasing the boat outside their Sales and Marketing Office. I’m pleased for Will and Dan as there can be no more suitable venue for the two Battersea chaps to store a boat.”

Battersea Power Station will be hosting the Chelsea Fringe Festival and the boat will have floral theme to it during this time! To follow Will and Dan, go to their website at

May 28, 2013