Wandsworth MP Responds To Thames Water's Possible Alternative Sites

Justine Greening writes to SW18 residents

After speaking to Thames Water about the new proposals for the Thames Tunnel main drive shaft site, Justine says:

 "Having spoken to Thames Water on Friday I am really encouraged to see Thames Water has listened to residents’ concerns about the use of Barn Elms as a main drive shaft site and is actively looking at other options. I have stressed the need for a brownfield site to be used and clearly the proposed Carnwath Road Riverside site has this  advantage. It is still very much an active development process so I will continue to work with Thames Water to get a better Thames Tunnel solution for our community."
Last week Thames Water also confirmed to Justine that they will fund independent experts to support the residents’ working group she has set up. Importantly, Thames Water has agreed residents should choose their own independent experts to work with the working group for up to two days a week and throughout the Thames Tunnel development process, providing technical scrutiny and advice to the group.
Justine says: "Being able to get independent technical support is also something residents raised with me at public meetings as it is difficult for us to respond to a technical consultation when we don't have access to the level of technical knowledge we need. This is a really positive step for our community and tapping into more outside expertise will be a great help to us over the coming months."

March 9th, 2011