Teenager Injured In Wandsworth Kitchen Fire

Neighbour managed to put out the fire in Waverton Road

A teenage boy was taken to hospital suffering from burns to his leg after a fire in the kitchen of a terraced house in Wandsworth last night.

A neighbour managed to put out the fire at the house on Waverton Road before the Brigade arrived while the London Ambulance Service took the boy to hospital for treatment.

Watch Manager Matt Leaver, from Wandsworth fire station, said: “The youngster had been left alone in the house for a short time and forgot about a pan of oil warming in the kitchen.

“You should never leave cooking unattended and cooking should always be done by a responsible adult, or with an adult’s supervision.”

Two fire engines from Wandsworth fire station with fourteen firefighters and officers went to the scene of the fire which damaged the kitchen of the house.

They were called at 22.02 and the incident was over at 22.23.

June 13, 2013