Litterbugs Taught Expensive Lesson

Dropping cigarette butts on ground results in large fines

Two smokers who thought they could drop cigarette butts on the ground and then ignore the resulting litter fines have been taught an expensive lesson after the fines were more than quadrupled by Wandsworth magistrates this week.
Owen Bassett from Caterham in Surrey and Adolphus Bell from Beckenham in south east London were both caught dropping half-smoked cigarettes on the pavement by the Wandsworth's anti-litter squad.
Both were given fixed penalty notices that required them to pay an £80 fine within 28 days. This amount is discounted to £55 if settled within 10 days.
However both men failed to pay their fines and as a result they were hauled before magistrates who imposed much stiffer penalties.
Mr Bassett, who had been caught littering outside the main entrance to Clapham Junction station was fined £120, ordered to pay court costs of £100, and a victim’s surcharge of £15.
Mr Adolphus, who was spotted dropping a ‘fag end’ outside Balham tube station was handed the same quadrupled financial punishment.

 July 21, 2011