Wandsworth Newsagent Stabbed In Head

Police Officers arrest dangerous male

A man wearing a bullet proof vestand armed with a pint glass was spotted entering a local newsagents on April 21st, and was reported to a patrolling policeman on patrol in Franciscan Road.

The man left the newsagents suddenly, holding two large knives, one in each hand. He started screaming at PC Watford and PCSO Watts, who has joined the scene, challenging them to fight him. He held the knives in the air and then began to stab his body armour with them.
PC Watford immediately called for urgent assistance via his personal radio and began to establish a rapport with the suspect whilst trying to negotiate a successful outcome to the situation. Whilst doing so both he and PCSO Watts instructed other members of the public to leave the area and enter places of safety.
Once the suspect was detained PCSO Watts went to the newsagent and discovered that a staff member had been stabbed in the head. The suspect was later charged with GBH and possession of an offensive weapon
Sgt Iain Martin said:
“This was an incredibly frightening incident which was witnessed by members of the public. Both officers' actions and extreme courage in the face of danger undoubtedly prevented the escape of a dangerous offender and probably serious injury to themselves and other members of the public. In particular PC Watford utilised his skills and experience as a police officer to bring this situation under control, detain the suspect and ensure the immediate preservation of the scene and additional evidence'.
May 19, 2011