Wandsworth New Stagers Present Sleeping Beauty

Annual traditional panto from January 20th

The New Stagers presents its annual traditional pantomime... Sleeping Beauty from the end of January 2012. It's written and directed by Paul Johnson and promises jokes (old and new), song, dance, silly costumes and men dressed as women – all the traditional panto ingredients.

Friday January 20th/27th at 7.30...Saturday January 21st/28th at 2.30 and 7.30...Sunday January 22nd/29th at 1.00 and 5.30.

Book online at www.newstagers.co.uk or call on 07814 611239. Group discounts available!

The Play...
The castle Blackthorn is celebrating the arrival of a new baby, the Princess Aurora. The woodland fairies have been invited by the Queen to be godmothers to the baby. But the Queen has forgotten to invite one fairy, and Dryrot takes the snub very badly. She curses the child to die from the touch of the thorn of a red rose. On Aurora’s eighteenth birthday, the Princess is tricked into touching a thorn. Although the fairies manage to reduce the curse, the Princess must sleep for twenty years, and can be woken only by love’s first kiss. Finding an eligible Prince proves difficult...
 A Prince is found, but he gets lost, Dryrot returns, and a battle royal ensues around the sleeping Princess.  Will the Prince awaken Aurora with love’s first kiss?   Will good triumph over evil?  Will Lester the Jester ever master his card tricks?  Has Prunella Pudding poisoned everyone with her treacle tart?  (Yes, yes, no, very possibly).

December 14, 2011