Nuisance Man Banned From Wandsworth Streets

Due to his anti-social behaviour

A 25-year-old man has been banned from entering a part of Balham which has been plagued by his anti-social behaviour.

The council has taken out an injunction banning Paul Raynsford from entering a grid of residential streets near Balham High Road.

Mr Raynsford, who faced the legal action as a result of his unacceptable behaviour in an around Kenilford Road, has also been prohibited from causing any "nuisance or annoyance" to anyone residing in or visiting the area.

If Mr Raynsford breaches the injunction he will be liable to immediate arrest and would face the prospect of a spell in custody.

The injunction was obtained at Wandsworth Country Court after the judge heard details of numerous incidents of anti-social and unacceptable behaviour involving Mr Raynsford.

At the time Mr Raynsford was living with his girlfriend and other members of her family at an address in Kenilford Road.  

The court heard that people living nearby were plagued by noisy and aggressive arguments involving Mr Raynford that normally involved shouting and swearing in the street and occasionally ended in physical altercations.

Other residents living nearby were subjected to verbal abuse and also to loud "pounding" music on many occasions. Police were called to the address on a large number of occasions to deal with problems involving Mr Raynsford.

The injunction, which will remain in force for 12 months covers the area of Balham bordered by Yukon Road to the north, Ravenswood Road to the south, part of Cavendish Road to the east and Balham High Road/Balham Hill to the west.

Community safety spokesman Jonathan Cook said: "We have taken this action to ensure this person can no longer cause misery and nuisance to his neighbours."

Mr Raynsford has also been ordered to pay £575 towards the council's legal costs in bringing the case to court.

November 1, 2011