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The Osteopathic Centre for Children - offers an effective, non-invasive, green alternative or complement to traditional medication and drug therapies.

Here, a parent describes her son’s experience with the OCC:
Zackary’s story

"I first took Zachary to the OCC three years ago when he was five years old. He had been diagnosed with global developmental delay and hipotonia. He had what was described as a drunken gait he veered his head backwards all the time, screamed and flapped his hands and had little eye contact. Zachary only learnt to walk when he was four years old, he was on the go all the time, could not sit down for long and had little focus or concentration, he was non verbal and did not understand the world around him.

Within weeks of going to the OCC on a weekly basis, they straightened out Zachary’s meridian line, He was able to calm down, sit down and hold hands with his mother. When we first started with the OCC, Zachary used to walk all around the room with the therapist following and treating him and slowly alleviating all the problems in his body, As time progressed he learnt to sit on the bed and allow the osteopath to work on his body, as time went on he became alert, sociable and his gut issues improved, all signs of eczema disappeared, he began to walk straight, he learnt to run and jump and follow instructions from adults.

Two years in he began to play and sociali
se with peers and play games and then one day the Director of Osteopathy at the OCC told me that Zachary’s left and right brain had made a connection and we started to see real progress in terms of his Educational ABA home program, he joined a football club and his co-ordination increased, his spontaneity for playing with children increased and now he seemed well on the way to becoming a healthy child. He still had auditory issues and still can’t speak many words, but his cognitive levels have increased that he now follows instructions and is able to focus on games, education, theatre shows, swimming lessons and football for extensive periods of time.

Without the genuine help and support of all the osteopaths at the OCC my son would not have become what he is today. He is happy, he eats more, he joins in with his peers and we can only hope with continued support from the OCC that he will fully recover. Today when we go to the OCC my son lies beautifully on the bed and allows the therapist to touch him, and when I think back to when they had to follow this screaming child around the room, he is an example to anyone who needs help with healing their child and I would recommend the OCC as it’s a charity and helps parents of all financial status, and will never turn a child away who needs help."

The Osteopathic Centre for Children is the only charity of its type in the world. Our clinic offers an effective, non-invasive, green alternative or complement to traditional medication and drug therapies, helping babies develop into normal strong infants and then through childhood into healthy adults. This can help in reducing the amount of medical support a child will need throughout his or her life, which means a healthier life and reduced costs to the NHS. By not charging for treatments, we ensure the benefits of paediatric osteopathic care are accessible to anyone.

Paediatric osteopathy is an effective, non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical treatment for children. At the OCC we offer diagnosis, treatment and – where appropriate – referral to specialists within the NHS. We treat children holistically, and look at the whole child, not just the presenting condition. And we do not ask for payment.

We see a wide variety of presenting conditions: behavioural problems such as autistic spectrum disorder, attention deficit disorder and various sleeping problems; conditions of the central nervous system including cerebral palsy and epilepsy; orthopaedic problems including plagiocephaly and torticollis, as well as many other conditions of the respiratory, gastrointestinal and genito-urinary systems.

At the OCC, families receive osteopathic care of the highest standard in an environment that offers them much more than a private practice. In our headquarters in Wandsworth, mothers and children are welcomed by a cosy and friendly atmosphere. Children can play in the play area of our open plan clinic, where there are no scary machines or ‘white coats’. We have a different team of dedicated osteopaths each day of the week, and every patient can be treated by more than one osteopath at a time. This means children can benefit from the combined experience of several osteopaths. Osteopaths are also available to give information and advice both before and after treatment, including making referrals if necessary.

At the OCC we treat babies and children who sometimes only need a couple of sessions, but also we diagnose and treat children with behavioural difficulties and life threatening conditions as well as improving the quality of life of children who have an incapacity.
We constantly receive many moving testimonials similar to the one above.

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March 23, 2012