Find Out About Local Olympic Road Network

At Wandsworth Library on September 6th

Find out more about the impact of next year’s Olympic Route Network (ORN) at Battersea Park Library today (August 22).

The Olympic Road Network (ORN) will operate during next year's Olympic Games and will keep roads clear to enable athletes and officials to travel easily to events.
In most cases roads along the ORN will be open to traffic, but will be cleared of obstructions and roadworks. However, temporary games lanes will operate along a third of the ORN. These will be closed to general traffic and could also include changes to traffic light timings, restricted turns, and suspension of parking and pedestrian crossings.
In Wandsworth the ORN will run along Wimbledon Park Side, along West Hill through to Wandsworth, round Wandsworth roundabout and along York Road , Battersea Park Road and Nine Elms Lane to Vauxhall.

View maps and other information, and quiz Transport for London staff at Wandsworth Library on September 6th and Putney Library on September 7th.

August 23 , 2011