Two Guilty Of Murder Outside Wandsworth Prison

Leon De St Aubin and Rupert Ross "killed in a frightening and organised way"

Rupert Ross of Fulham and Leon De St Aubin of Chlesea have been found guilty of shooting a man in a execution style killing outside Wandsworth prison.

The murder occurred in the front car park outside HMP Wandsworth on Friday 1 May 2009, when the victim was attending the prison as a visitor. Darcy Austin-Bruce, 20, from Fulham, was shot multiple times in the torso and despite efforts by medical staff from the prison, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The court heard how Darcy, and two other friends, were being escorted across the car park from the visitor's centre to the prison when a man in a suit appeared. He produced a hand gun and shot Darcy in the back. Darcy turned around to face his killer, who continued to shoot him in the chest. He was shot a total of six times at close range. As Darcy collapsed to the ground the gun-man ran off to a nearby moped where a getaway driver, also dressed in a suit and crash helmet, had the engine revving before driving the gun-man away at speed from Alma Terrace onto Trinity Road SW18.

The murder was committed in front of a number of people including children who were all visiting the prison. Nurses and doctors from the prison rushed to Darcy's assistance but sadly were unable to save him as his injuries were too severe.

Leon De St Aubin, 34, a fireman, of Curran House, Lucan Place, Chelsea, and Rupert Ross, 30, of Vera Road, Fulham, were found guilty of murder. Ross and De St Aubin had previously been good friends of Darcy's until they fell out. A few days before the murder Darcy and another youth had shot at a car being driven by De St Aubin. A man known to Ross and St Aubin was serving time at HMP Wandsworth and came to hear of Darcy's intended visit to another inmate. He used a contraband mobile phone to call Ross and De St Aubin to inform them of the visit, and this is when they hatched a plan to kill Darcy as he visited the prison. Detectives from Trident worked through phone records and gathering intelligence to piece together that Ross was the gun-man whose diary stated that he was 'living a gangster lifestyle, making good money and living a fast life'. Just over a month earlier, on 27 March 2009, Ross and De St Aubin had signed up for a motorcycle training course, although in statements to police they failed to admit this fact.

Ross and De St Aubin were driven to a place to steal the moped the day before the murder. The stolen moped and the gun have never been found but witness evidence confirmed that Ross was in fact the shooter and De St Aubin his getaway driver. Acting Detective Chief Inspector Brian Lucas of Trident said: "These men were living violent and criminal lives to the extent that they believed that they could get away with killing a man in broad daylight as revenge for a petty argument. I believe that they had lost sight of reality and now face the consequences of their sad and violent choices.

"Darcy Austen-Bruce was killed in a frightening and organised way. Those innocent people that were witness to this were highly distressed and scarred by what they saw.

"My thoughts are with the family of Darcy at this time. I am glad that today these men have been found guilty and can no longer delude themselves of their 'gangster' status and realize a sad future is in front of them of a long prison life."

The jury were unable to reach a decision in relation to Casper Smith and Khori Hines who also stood trial for murder - there was a hung jury.

November 11, 2011