Public Consultation On Earlsfield Rat Runs

Wanting your comments on rush hour use of residential streets

The council has unveiled a set of proposals that aim to tackle the problems caused by rush hour motorists using residential streets in Earlsfield as rat runs.

The plans have been drawn following pleas from residents in Ellerton Road, who are concerned at the high number of cars and lorries using their street as a cut-through.

Traffic surveys have shown that the road is particularly busy during the morning and evening rush hours. As a result the council is now consulting residents across the wider area on its proposals. These are:

  • A morning rush hour ban on vehicles turning right from Burntwood Lane into Ellerton Road, Tilehurst Road, Fieldview and Openview. This restriction would be in force from 7am to 10am on weekdays and prevent motorists using these roads as a morning peak period cut through, but ensure that local residents are not inconvenienced at other times of the day.
  • A similar peak time ban on motorists turning left from Magdalen Road into Multon Road, Titchwell Road, Ellerton Road, Tilehurst Road, Fieldview and Openview. This would operate in the evening rush hour between 4pm and 8pm Monday to Friday. This would be complemented by a peak time "No Entry" on Lyford Road at the junction of Magdalen Road. Outside these evening peak time hours these rules would not be in force.
  • A width restriction in Ellerton Road between the junction of Burntwood Grange Road and Herondale Road. This would prevent any large vehicle more than two metres in width (six feet six inches) from accessing this road.
  • A No Entry traffic restriction would operate into Burntwood Close from Collamore Avenue. This would operate at all times and prevent traffic and large vehicles using Marham Gardens and Lyminge Gardens from avoiding the measures on Burntwood Lane and the width restriction on Ellerton Road.

Transport spokesman Cllr Russell King said: "At this stage these are just proposals. It is important we hear the views of local people.

"These plans have been drawn up with the aim of securing an area-wide solution to the problem. The danger of taking action in just one or two streets is that it risks shifting the problem to a neighbouring road, which is why we have looked at the wider area.

"What we need to make sure of is that residents in other roads do not suddenly find themselves inundated with rush hour traffic. That is what we are trying to avoid and why it's important we hear from as many local residents as possible."

Consultation letters and leaflets have been delivered to all homes in the affected area. People are being urged to register their views by Friday October, 12.

The results of this public consultation will be considered by councillors in January. No decision will be taken before then.

For more information call (020) 8871 8202 or email

October 2, 2012