Residents Say No To Earlsfield Traffic Changes

Council to investigate other alternatives to Ellerton Road rat run

Residents in Earlsfield have voted against changes to their local road network.

Last autumn the council published a public consultation document on proposals to change traffic rules in the Magdalen estate area to deter rat-runners and improve vehicle flows.

The response to the consultation showed that a clear majority of local people were not in favour of the changes, and as a result councillors on last night's (Monday's) strategic planning and transportation scrutiny committee voted to shelve the proposals.

Town hall transport spokesman Cllr Russell King said: "This was a public consultation that did exactly what it said on the tin. It sought the views of local people and once these had been expressed the council took them fully on board.

"It is quite clear that residents were not in favour of the proposed changes, and as a result the plans have been set aside. This has been a good example of local democracy in action."

The council's highways engineers will continue to explore other possible solutions to tackle the problems caused by rat running motorists in Ellerton Road. Councillors remain sympathetic to the plight of residents in this street and are keen to deliver suitable improvements that alleviate the situation and have the support of the local community.

The council is also liaising with Transport for London in looking at ways of easing traffic congestion in Trinity Road and Burntwood Lane, which could have a beneficial impact on the area.

The Magdalen estate covers the area of residential streets bordered by Garratt Lane, Magdalen Road, Trinity Road and Burntwood Lane.

January 30, 2013