Three More Wandsworth Schools Judged 'Outstanding'

Gatton, Hillbrook and Sheringdale get Ofsted's highest rating

Three more Wandsworth primary schools have been judged ‘outstanding’ by education inspectors.

Gatton, Hillbrook and Sheringdale schools were all previously rated as good, but their success in raising standards of teaching and learning since their last inspection has led to all three now being awarded the highest possible Ofsted rating.

Their improved scores means that the borough’s tally of good or outstanding schools now stands at 95 per cent, making Wandsworth one of the top five best performing local authorities in the country.

This score covers all the borough’s primary, secondary and special schools. In comparison only an average of 74 per cent of schools in other parts of the country and 80 per cent in London have been found to be good or outstanding by Ofsted inspectors.#

By achieving such high educational standards Gatton in Tooting has become the first Muslim faith school in the UK to be judged outstanding.

According to the inspectors: “The headteacher and governors are highly ambitious for the school and are continually in the pursuit of excellence. Teaching has improved considerably since the last inspection, particularly at Key Stage 2. This has been possible because the headteacher takes steps to ensure each teacher’s performance is of the highest quality.

“Pupils of all ages display a thirst for knowledge that spurs their learning and progress forward. They work very hard and strive continually to do their very best.”

At Hillbrook, which is also in Tooting, the inspectors concluded: “The school has improved since the last inspection, and now provides an excellent quality of education. Achievement is outstanding. Pupils start school with skills which are very low in comparison to age-related expectations. They make outstanding progress across the school.

“Teachers have very high expectations of pupils and ensure lessons are planned to a very high quality. The school is successfully and expertly run by the headteacher and deputy headteachers. All of the staff, and governors, support their high expectations, and want the very best for all of the children in their care.”

And at Sheringdale in Southfields the inspectors praised its “outstanding teaching” which they said “ensures that pupils make rapid progress and achieve exceptionally well whatever their starting points".

In their report they noted that “standards at the end of Year 6 are significantly above average in reading, writing and mathematics,” and that “leaders and managers have ensured that teaching and pupils’ achievement are outstanding across the school”.

They also found that: “The school is constantly evaluating its performance and making any changes necessary in the drive for even higher outcomes. Pupils’ well-being is at the heart of all decisions made. Teachers encourage pupils to be resilient and to persevere and so pupils have a remarkable determination to do well and take great pride in their accomplishments.”

Schools spokesman Cllr Kathy Tracey said: “These are superb results from three local schools who have demonstrated just how determined they are to provide their pupils with the highest standards of teaching and learning.

“Some headteachers and governors might have been tempted to rest on their laurels and merely consolidate their achievements if they’d been given a good rating by Ofsted.

“I’m pleased to say that is not how things are done in Wandsworth. Everyone involved in the education of our children and young people is committed to improving standards across the board. This includes heads, governors, teachers, support staff and education officials in the town hall who work very closely with schools to improve performance and ensure that all our children are offered really top quality schooling.

“This is the reason why Wandsworth has such a high proportion of outstanding, excellent schools.”

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March 27, 2014