Wandsworth Gears Up For Royal Wedding Street Parties

Top tips to make your's zing

As London tops the table for the number of Royal Wedding Street parties in the UK, Wandsworth claims second place with 79 celebration street bashes going ahead. Top of the London borough league is Richmond with 85 parties planned.
With only a short time to go, if you are arranging festivities in your street, here are some top tips courtesy of

This guidance is only for residents organising a simple street party in one or two quiet streets without external publicity. A wider public event in more streets needs extra arrangements.

  • Involve all ages and people with different tastes - have something for everyone.
  • Keep it simple and flexible - don't be too ambitious.
  • Bring food, games, chairs etc. to share.
  • Music not too loud, long or late, preferably live, acoustic and varied

  • Food to share at fixed times to eat together - buffet, tea party
  • Music for some time, ideally live acoustic, not too loud, late or long
  • Decorate the street e.g. with bunting - up early to get things going
  • Soft areas to sit - a lounge with carpet for toddlers, seats for elderly
  • Focus activities together over a short time and in middle of street
  • Games for all ages - see ideas below

More Ideas:
  • Cake/biscuit/pudding competition
  • Bring & Buy / swap table or auction
  • Guess-my-house-number game or wear labels with name and house
  • Tug of war, skittles, swing ball
  • Cycle course, football, basketball
  • Celebrate / birthday of oldest person
  • Where are you from map of UK or world
  • Stories or photos of people from years ago in the street
  • Best front garden or decorated front of house  
  • Chalk drawing on tarmac

On The Day
Following a note round all houses or on cars the day or week before, remind the last few people to move their cars. Get the bunting up early to get people going, along with the road barriers. And don't forget to clear up and move the barriers at the agreed time.

What if it rains?
Be ready to cover things up and wait till it passes or delay your activities. Unless you are really unlucky, rain should not stop play.
What can go wrong? Not much that can't be sorted
  • An important delivery or a disabled driver has to drive in and out - be careful and let them.
  • A child falls over or wanders into other roads - all adults should watch out for the children.
  • Someone turns music up loud - they must be stopped to prevent neighbours being disturbed.

    Afterwards - Follow up and Tell Your Story
    Some keen residents will be planning your next one already! Having some follow-up can really make the most of the event.
    Exhibit photos on a window/wall or put them on Flickr on Picassa.
    Set up a street Facebook group, a blog or even your own website.
    April 25th, 2011