Changes To Proposed Wandsworth Town Centre Gyratory

TfL announces changes to the current plans it consulted the public on

New Wandsworth Town Cntre

Transport for London (TfL) has announced three changes to the Wandsworth Town Gyratory proposals it consulted the public on earlier this year. The updated proposals are as follows:

1) TfL has now agreed that it no longer needs the short section of the westbound bus lane along Wandsworth High Street from Wandsworth Town Hall to Garratt Lane.

This will mean that local traffic will continue to be able to make the left turn from Wandsworth High Street into Garratt Lane.

2) Following discussions about how best to operate Barchard Street, TfL has agreed that by closing the western end of Barchard Street onto Ram Street, with full access being permitted from Fairfield Street, will mean that residents still have access and rat running will be discouraged.

3) TfL has agreed that Black Cabs will have access to the bus and cycle only section of Wandsworth High Street.

TfL has also said that it will continue to consider the detailed operational aspects such as loading, parking, taxi exemptions as part of the ongoing design.

August 3, 2016