'Urgent Improvement Necessary' For Merton Road Eatery

Food Hygiene Rating of zero for the Wandsworth Grill takeaway

'Urgent Improvement Necessary' For Merton Road Restaurant
Image of Wandsworth Grill: Google Streetview

The Wandsworth Grill on Merton Road has been awarded a Food Hygiene rating of 0 by Wandsworth Council's food hygiene inspectors. A score of 0 from Scores on the Doors means that urgent improvment is necessary.

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme used allows the public to see the results of food hygiene inspections as a rating from 0 to 5. A zero rating means that urgent improvement is necessary, while a 5 indicates standards are very good. Rating certificates and window stickers are sent out to businesses after assessment.

Wandsworth Grill, which is a takeaway and sandwich shop at 165 Merton Road, ranked as 'bad' for both 'Food Hygiene and Safety' (which covers how food is handled and stored) and 'Structural Compliance' (which includes general cleanliness of buildings). The shop scored a 'No' for 'Confidence in Management'. Confidence in Management indicates how a business manages and records what it does to make sure food is safe.

Scores on the Doors collates information on local food hygiene ratings according to the Food Standards Agency codes of practice and provided by local authorities. Wandsworth Council inspects 2200 premises in Wandsworth each year to ensure that food sold to the public is safe to consume.

August 8, 2017