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A moving account of a swimming tragedy in 1912 when four Battersea lads died during a church trip to Sussex, an exploration of the political debate surrounding the introduction of the Wandsworth one-way system in the 1960s, and how a group of Victorian businessmen managed a major passenger steamboat service along the Thames.

These are only some of the features in the Spring 2014 issue of the Wandsworth Historian (ISSN 1751-9225), the journal that aims to bring readers the latest research into Wandsworth’s past. Other items include a note on the eccentric Putney inventor who tried to prove that it was easy to drive a car on water, and a first-hand recollection of two V1 incidents over Battersea in 1944.

It also contains information about how to write and submit a historical paper - which could be useful for all aspiring history students.

The Wandsworth Historian is published by the Wandsworth Historical Society, and copies are available price £3.00 plus £1.50 for postage and packing from Neil Robson, 119 Heythorp Street, London SW18 5BT or by emailing ngrobson@tiscali.co.uk. Cheques payable to ‘Wandsworth Historical Society’, please.

The website address of the Wandsworth Historical Society is www.wandsworthhistory.org.uk.


April 2, 2014


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(Detail of the memorial window by Edward Burne-Jones which, until recently, was in the Caius College Mission Church in Battersea)