MP Welcomes Investment Plans For Wandsworth Town Users

"A better journey for the hundreds of thousands of passengers who use these lines every day"

Local MP Justine Greening has welcomed the announcement of new investment plans for Waterloo and train services to and from Wandsworth Town.

Justine recently met with the new Managing Director of South West Trains, Christian Roth, and John Halsall, Route Managing Director of Network Rail Wessex, to highlight residents’ concerns about overcrowding and unreliability on train services into Waterloo.

They outlined plans to deliver a 30% increase in peak time capacity by 2019 and significant improvements at Waterloo to accommodate this. The timetable for the investment has now been confirmed.

Welcoming the plans Justine said, “It is important that Waterloo is finally reworked so that it can accommodate more trains with extra capacity. These plans will see a bigger and better station with five extra platforms and platforms 1- 4 will be extended to allow 10 car trains. There will also be investment in a fleet of 150 new train carriages to create additional capacity and improved facilities for passengers. It is vital that local commuters see this work now progress to provide a better journey for the hundreds of thousands of passengers who use these lines every day.“

  The timeline will include:
March 2016 Construction work starts in the former Waterloo International Terminal
Feb 2017 Platform 20 reopens for passenger services
June-Aug 2017 Weekend work, including some changes to weekend passenger services to allow rail infrastructure to be installed
Aug 2017 Platforms 1 – 4 at Waterloo extended. Platforms 1 – 8 closed for 23 days. Platforms 20 -24 reopened but there will be significant changes to services
Sept 2017 Platforms 1 – 8 reopen with 21 – 24 closing to allow for construction of new passenger concourse and facilities until Dec 2108
Dec 2018 New timetable introduced including use of all 24 platforms

April 20, 2016