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Primitivo - The long journey of this beguiling grape

This wine tasting focuses on the Primitivo grape telling the story of its long journey from its origins in Croatia to its popularity in California, but throughout this time remaining the mainstay of the Puglian wine production. The tasting will be accompanied by a dinner of classic Puglian dishes

Primitivo wines are truly delicious: rich, robust, full-bodied reds with soft tannins which can achieve complexity and elegance from old vines
In California, Zinfandel has long been considered “America’s vine and wine” and covers 11% of vineyards in the region.

However, as “vitis vinifera” was not native to that continent, it was proven in 1975, that this grape variety was identical to the Primitivo grape found in Puglia.

This ancient vine is rooted in Puglia’s history since it was brought over from Croatia by the Benedictine monks in the Middle Ages. However, it was much later, at the end of the 18th century that a priest Don Francesco Filippo Indellicati in Gioia Del Colle recognised its unusual characteristics of late-flowering and early-ripening and named it “primAtivo” meaning “the early one” in dialect.. Primitivo spread south to Manduria thanks to the dowry of a beautiful princess.

In Croatia, where there is a group of grape varieties, genetically related to Primitivo, it was initially believed that the Croatian variety Plavac Mali was its precursor. In 2001, however, after DNA analysis of a number of these grapes, it was proven beyond doubt that Primitivo was another variety, Crljenak Kastelanski, of which only nine vines had survived.

The wines we will be tasting include:
Primitivo del Salento IGT 2011 Pietrafitta
Tribidrag Komarna Dalmacija 2012 Rizvan (A Croatian Primitivo)
Camius Riserva Gioia del Colle DOC 2008 Cantina Del Colle
Primitivo di Manduria DOC 2007 Giuseppe Attanasio
ES Primitivo di Manduria 2008 Gianfranco Fino
Primitivo Passito DOP 2007 Giuseppe Attanasio
as well as an example of Zinfandel from California

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Bookings will need to be secured with a credit card and full payment will be taken in advance of the evening


May 8, 2014

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From Crljenak Kastelanski to Zinfandel
The Long Journey of this Beguiling Grape

Tuesday 3rd June 2014 at 7.00pm
£115 per person

Enoteca Turi
28 Putney High Street
SW15 1SQ
0208 785 4449