Action on concerns over river pollution

Thames Tideway Strategy Group to address area committee meet

Considerable local concern over the release of sewage into the Thames, following this August’s torrential rain, has spurred the Chiswick Area Committee to invite members of the Thames Tideway Strategy to their next meeting to provide members and residents with an update on the initiative.

Cllr Paul Lynch, chair of the Chiswick Area Committee, said: “In December 2002, we had a very informative and well-received presentation from the Tideway Steering Group on the new strategy to tackle the sewage disposal problems.

“This has become an even more urgent issue in light of the recent heavy rainstorms and subsequent flooding, which resulted in sewage being pumped into the Thames, killing thousands of fish and contaminating our footpaths and riverside.

“Therefore, on behalf of the committee and local residents, I have invited the Steering Group back to give us an update on the situation.”

The Thames Tideway Strategy is a three-year project set up to assess the environmental impact of sewage discharges into the River Thames during major storm conditions, and to identify, consider, and cost possible solutions to the issue. The strategic study is a joint initiative by Thames Water, the Environment Agency, DEFRA, Ofwat and the GLA.

The joint presentation, by representatives from the Environment Agency, Thames Water and Communiqué, will be followed by a question and answer session.

The meeting will be on Wednesday, 10 November at The Methodist Church, Sutton Court Road, Chiswick W4, from 7.30pm.

October 29, 2004