Police Capture Five Foot Runaway

Snake caught in King George's Park

Around 8pm on Monday evening police captured a five foot snake in King George's Park, following at tweet at 1.45pm by local bobby Supt Steve Wallace @MPSSuptWallace:
'Slippery customer! PC Castleman attended King Georges Park yesterday - reports of large snake on the loose'.

Supt Steve Wallace tweeted image of the "fugitive serpent" @MPSSuptWallace

The snake, later identified as a Carpet Python, was captured by three members of the police and placed in a weapons bag. It was then taken to Putney's Animal Hospital where a spokesperson said:
"Carpet pythons are not venomous, but can grow quite large - up to six feet long - so it could have become unmanageable for the owner".

Meanwhile there is a 1.5m Corn Snake lose on Barnes Common - again this is harmless but please report any sightings to: 07720 385 753 as the Friends of Barnes Common are working with a local exotic animals vet to recapture it and find its owner or a new good home.

August 12, 2015