Where Is SuperCyclingMan Now?

An update from Will Hodson on his "7 Continents World Cycle"

SuperCyclingMan, is the alter ego of Will Hodson or Mr Hodson as he is better known to the children at the Brandlehow Primary School he taught at in Putney.

He is pedalling round the planet for many reasons, including: to raise £100,000 for charity, to educate children about the world and to encourage children and adults to be more active and get on their bikes.

Distance cycled this month from Vienna (Austria) to Skopje (Macedonia): 1,585 km
Total distance covered so far: 7,308 km
Number of countries visited: 5
(Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia)
Number of schools visited: 4
Apples eaten: 41
New food tried:
A cake in the shape of a chimney called "chimney cake", börek (a baked, filled pastry - does breakfast get better than this?), sarma (stuffed cabbage rolls - way tastier than they sound!), a special kind of creamy dairy product called kaymak... and several types of a drink called Rakija - often homemade (oof!).
Number of punctures: 0
(Schwalbe tyres, I LOVE you!)
Charity fundraising total: £11,697.37

He told PutneySw15.com:
"Dave the Parkinson's worm and I have been on the road for 4 months now. 7,308km down and only around another 92,692km still to go!

We're closing in fast on Istanbul and the end of the continent number 1 out of 7. Yep, that's the plan: to cycle across all 7 continents, including Antartica! Nobody's cycled across all 7 continents before, but we're going to give it a really good crack. I reckon by mid-October, we'll be enjoying a kebab and some Turkish coffee in Istanbul.

This month has been seriously good fun - I've stumbled across a beer festival, enjoyed visiting some more schools to talk about how #WeCanAllBeHeroes, tried load of delicious new foods, met some incredibly kind people... oh, and Dave the Worm and I become Balkan celebrities for a week too."

Help SuperCyclingMan raise funds by buying a wristband:
Each SuperCyclingMan wristband costs £1, plus a bit to cover the postage costs. 50p of that goes to the company who made the wristbands, 25p helps keep Will fed and watered as he pedals around the planet, the other 25p is split between the five incredibly charities that he is supporting with his 7 Continents World Cycle.

Buy your SuperCyclingMan wristband here.

WATCH THE VIDEO about the plan to break a record for the 1st person ever to cycle across all 7 continents here www.youtube.com/SCMvideo

October 7, 2015

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