Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it is SuperCyclingMan One Year On!

First Anniversary update from SuperCylingMan on his "7 Continents World Cycle"

SuperCyclingMan, is the alter ego of Will Hodson or Mr Hodson as he is better known to the children at the Brandlehow Primary School he taught at in Putney.

He is pedalling round the planet for many reasons, including: to raise £100,000 for charity, to educate children about the world and to encourage children and adults to be more active and get on their bikes.

Supercycling man has told this website:
"On May 31st 2015 I set off from London on a 5-year long, 100,000km bike ride that will take me across every continent on the planet, even Antarctica! Have I mentioned that I’m also doing the whole thing dressed up in a slightly ridiculous superhero costume and given myself the name “SuperCyclingMan”?"

“SuperCyclingMan” is raising money for charity and visiting schools across the globe. He hopes to inspire as many children as he can by talking about how “WE CAN ALL BE HEROES”.

On May 31st 2016 “SuperCyclingMan” celebrated one year on the road. He made you this special birthday video while cycling across the Kazak desert which he is sharing with us:

Stats so Far:
World cycle started: Tower Bridge, London on 31st May 2015
Days on the road: 1 year 12 days
Current location: Nukus, UZBEKISTAN
Total distance cycled: 10,300 kilometers
Number of countries visited: 18
(England, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan)Number of schools visited/spoken to online: 21
Bananas eaten so far: 621
Number of punctures: 4
Charity fundraising total: £13,882

“SuperCyclingMan” invites questions about my round the world bike ride which he will endeavour to answer. If you have a question click here.
Lately he was sent this question from a child from a school in Kazakshtan.
“Out of all the things you could choose, why did you choose to ride your bike around the world?”
“SuperCyclingMan” said "I, my head, the child was saying: “What ON EARTH are you doing?”
I actually went to visit the child's school a few days after they had emailed me the question and I showed it on the big screen in a presentation I gave. My short answer was:
"I've wanted to cycle around the world for many years & I'm simply following my dreams. I think it’s good to follow your dreams whatever they might be.”

“SuperCyclingMans" by the disapearing Aral Sea - read about his visit to Moynaq here

June 13, 2016

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