Officer From Local Police Division Suspended For Sexual Assault

Action taken against five officers since formation of command unit

Sexual assault and corrupt practice are just some of the reasons police officers have been suspended from the South West Basic Command Unit (SWBCU) in the last year.

The unit, which merged separate officers based in Kingston, Merton, Richmond and Wandsworth, was created in May 2018.

In that period, five officers have been suspended. This includes officers who were based at the boroughs that were subsequently merged into SWBCU.

According to a Freedom of Information Request sent by the Local Democracy Reporting Service, one officer was suspended for alleged sexual assault and another for “other sexual conduct,” while a special constable was accused of corrupt practice.

Two officers were suspended for “other” reasons, however, officers can be suspended as a result of “one or more allegations of misconduct.”

This means that the reason provided for suspension is only the first allegation type. Four of the officers were suspended in 2018, and one officer was suspended this year.

The longest suspension was for 378 days, while the shortest was for 54 days. Only one officer is still suspended.

A spokesperson for the unit said: “All suspension applications are considered in line with Police (Conduct) Regulations and are considered necessary in each case where a suspension follows.

“Individual and local learning are considered in all cases and where necessary any identified learning is cascaded to officers and staff.

“Standards of professional behaviour are also reinforced at various stages such as induction training and promotional training courses.”

The South West Basic Command Unit have 24-hour police stations at Lavender Hill in Wandsworth, Twickenham Police Station in Richmond, Wimbledon Police Station in Merton and on Kingston High Street.

Sain Bayley - Local Democracy Reporter

November 5, 2019

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