Wandsworth Council Remembers George Floyd

Town Hall lit purple in solidarity with the man killed by police in the US

image: Wandsworth Council

The viral video of his death has sparked outrage and protests across the US and the world.

The US embassy is situated in Wandsworth, and saw hundreds of protestors gather at the weekend in solidarity with demonstrators in the US.

Wandsworth Council tweeted that it “stand(s) together in solidarity against racial injustice”.
Purple was chosen as it is the colour the Black Lives Matter movement.

Councillor Maurice Mcleod, who represents Queenstown Ward in Battersea, said: “It is really important that Wandsworth Council has made this statement of solidarity with those fighting for racial justice in the USA. Wandsworth is an amazingly diverse borough and I’m proud we are standing up to show that oppression is wrong wherever in the world it appears.”

Local Labour, MPs Fleur Anderson (Putney) and Marsha de Cordova (Battersea), also joined councillors for a socially distanced stand of solidarity outside the town hall last night.
Ms Anderson tweeted a statement expressing her solidarity with black people “fighting against violence, bigotry and discrimination in the US and in the UK”, and her “condolences to the family and friends of George Floyd”.

She also called on the US government to ensure “that those responsible are brought to justice and to ensure that all instances of police violence are thoroughly and transparently investigated, with appropriate action taken.”

MPs Fleur Anderson (Putney) and Marsha de Cordova (Battersea) join Wandsworth councillors in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement

Ms Anderson then went on to demand that the UK government condemns police violence in the US and for the right to protest to be protected. She said: “Given the situation in the US, the sale of riot shields, tear gas and rubber bullets to the US should cease. The UK cannot enable the use of violence against anti-racist protestors.”

Ms de Cordova, who is also the Labour Party’s shadow secretary for Women and Equalities, added: “There are clear parallels between the Black British experience and African American experience.

“Black and brown people account for half of young people in prison. Black people are 40 times more likely to be stopped and searched.”

Responding to the delayed release of the PHE report into coronavirus and the effect on BAME communities, she added: “It confirms what we already knew – that racial and health inequalities amplify the risks of Covid-19.

“Those in the poorest households and people of colour are disproportionately impacted.”
Richmond Council, which has a shared staffing agreement with Wandsworth, was also lit purple last night.

A post on the council’s Twitter account read: “We must all stand together to ensure justice for all! So tonight we are lighting York House in Twickenham purple to show our support and solidarity for the #BlackLivesMatter movement”."

Sian Bayley - Local Democracy Reporter

June 8, 2020

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