Moped Crime to Be Focus of New Community Safety Campaign

Aim is to warn residents of offences that increase this time of year

A new community safety campaign is being launched in the borough with a particular focus on burglary and moped crime.

Wandsworth Council’s Community Safety Service is working with Wandsworth Police on the campaign by warning residents of the crimes that increase in the autumn and around events that happen at this time of year, such as Diwali, bonfire night and Halloween.

The joint campaign will be run the by the Wandsworth Community Safety Partnership. Members of the community such as residents’ groups, local pubs and businesses and Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators will also be invited to get involved.

Moped crime will be a key theme, because mopeds are often stolen in Wandsworth by criminal gangs. Moped crime has dropped in the borough recently, but it continues to be a police and council priority. The Community Safety Service will be organising more of its sessions giving free advice to owners on how to keep their vehicle safe. Details of these will be publicised via the council’s website and social media.

Leaflets giving advice on how to keep your home secure will be delivered to residents in hot-spot burglary areas and victims that have been targeted more than once will be given DNA kits. These kits can be used to mark possessions with a liquid that enables the register owner of the property to be traced if it is stolen. A sticker warning potential burglars that property is protected can be put in a window or porch.

The police and council will be promoting a constant stream of information during the campaign to raise awareness. As well as social media channels, the council will put posters on notice boards in council buildings and council housing blocks, and leaflets will be distributed to other busy public areas. Some of the posters, leaflets and social media posts will give advice on how to stay safe while celebrating events such as bonfire night and Halloween. During Diwali people are being advised on how to avoid thieves targeting gold jewellery.

The head of the Community Safety Service Robyn Thomas said: “As the dark nights draw in, it’s important to take simple steps to help keep yourself and your home safe. Working with our partners in the police and Neighbourhood Watch we will be raising awareness of potential crime and doing all we can to protect our residents. We would urge people to get in touch if they want to find out more, chat to the team, or order any posters or leaflets.”


October 24, 2017