Wandsworth Residents Asked to Water Parched Trees

Saplings are particularly vulnerable in this hot dry spell

Some of the borough's young street trees pictured in bloom earlier this year - image WBC

To help keep their streets green and leafy, residents are being asked to check on young trees in their neighbourhoods and water them if they’re looking parched.

"The weather is lovely but there’s been little rain of late and plenty of drying winds. Young trees just planted in the 2019/2020 season need all the water they can get. If there’s a youngster near you use a watering can or some such (about 2 gallons or 10 litres) to pour water down the black water pipe at the base of the tree and also water the surface area. Trees which are several years older can also need water, drooping wilting leaves are an obvious sign and would appreciate water too" says Mary-Claire Mason Putney resident, tree lover and Wandsworth Tree Warden

What does the painted strip at the top of tree stake signify?
The coloured strip at the top of the tree stake identifies the year in which the tree was planted. Recent annual plantings are coloured coded as follows:

image: Wandsworth Tree Wardens

The borough also boasts a number of local tree wardens. Wandsworth was one of the first urban councils in the country to establish a network of wardens – members of the public who work with the council to keep a close watch on the health and well-being of trees in their neighbourhood.

Mary-Claire Mason waters a young tree

People interested in becoming a tree warden please complete the form.

April 21, 2020

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