Fancy Your Chances At The Southside Sub-Off?

New branch of Quiznos is opening with a sub sandwich making competition

October 22, 2019

Quiznos - the brand made infamous by Seldon Cooper in the TV sitcom Big Bang Theory - is coming to Southside Shopping Centre in Wandsworth.

The sub sandwich restaurant brand is keen to celebrate its new store with a bake-off type event that they’re calling the Great Quiznos Sub-Off.

On 25 October attendees will be asked to make their own subs that will then be judged on their taste and the name they are given. The winner will go away with a £100 prize and the runner-up walks away with £50.

Originally from the US, Quiznos has been making sub sandwiches since the 1980s. Back in the late 1970s the original shop was called Sandwich World and opened in a converted Sinclair gas station in Denver, Colorado. The chain assumed its current name, Quiznos, in 1981. Their speciality lies with toasting their subs which they say brings out the flavours in their fillings.
Guests at the ‘Sub-Off’ and will be able to sample an array of Quiznos Subs as well as take part in the judging of the competition.

Jack Rai, Founder & CEO Quiznos UK, said, “We are really excited about the opening of the Wandsworth store. We are aiming to open up a number of stores this year, due to the success of the Quiznos brand in the UK. The Great Quiznos Sub-Off will be a way we can show off our product as well give people the opportunity to see what’s involved in creating the perfect Sub”.
Register on the Quiznos UK Facebook page for your chance to get an invite to the event.